South Sudan Update #11:

South Sudan Calvary Chapel

South Sudan Calvary Chapel

Greetings from Africa … We’ve had a very busy week here in Nimule, South Sudan.

This past week Sarah was able to visit a local high school two times and was asked to preach to about 300 students both times! Sarah was so well received that she had opportunity to speak to a good size group of rls who came to the
compound later in the week to hear more from the Word of God.

Unfortunately Tawni was unable to make those trips to the high school due to having malaria and typhoid. Even though she hasn’t felt well she has been a great help in the compound ministering alongside of Vicky Bentley and the female staff here. Tawni will be leading a devotional tomorrow with our team and the other guests in our compound.

Mike has been a great help to me in leading the team. He is an amazing servant and has a lot of good insights for the team. In addition to assisting me, he has been faithfully assisting Leo in the self-defense training. The cadets love Mike and of course remember him from last year. He’s kind of like a father … or grandfather … or great-grandfather.

Leo has been leading the self-defense training for the last two weeks. The guys really respond well to him … partly because they fear him, but mostly because they know he loves them. Good news for Leo is that he has no tropical diseases, bad news for Leo is we haven’t done much shopping.

Eric has been a blessing to our team… he has been doing a great job teaching self-defense, has led a devotion, and has ran with the cadets (which is something that the cadets respect). It’s very easy to travel with Eric since he never complains about anything. Seemed like he even enjoyed eating large fried ants!

Adolfo has been very well liked by the cadets and the teams here. He is “Mr. Personality”, even with an amoeba, typhoid, and malaria! In addition to being a great help to me personally, Adolfo has slept through more bible teaching and thrown around more Sudanese chaplains than anyone on our team. *side note: Adolfo wants it to be stated that he “concentrates” better with his eyes closed.

When the cadets and staff heard that “Matt” was coming to the compound, they were looking forward to hanging out with Matt Milligan. Matt Elder won their hearts very quickly and has helped train the men, workout with them, and lead us in worship. Though Matt has contracted malaria, he has not let it slow him down at all.

Dustin has been an awesome servant here in the compound. He has been very willing to help train the cadets, help out in anyway possible, and introduce us to important people. General Mamoul came to the graduation of the cadets. He is one of the most powerful men in Sudan and may very well be their next president. We all wanted to meet him, but Dustin was the one to walk right past his five bodyguards & introduce himself & then introduced him to our team. Later Dustin said, “He’s just a man like me.” Well said Dustin. He’d probably be over malaria by now but he mistakenly took Benadryl for a few days instead of the anti-malarial pills… no wonder he’s been so sleepy.

I’ve been busy teaching through the book of Song of Solomon and working out with the cadets. By the time you hear this update, I would have taught at a new church plant in a neighboring village. I have been blessed to serve The Lord here in Africa for the last two weeks, I have been blessed to serve alongside of this team, I have been blessed to fellowship with these young chaplains that have become very dear to me, but I miss my wife and kids and all of you. I look forward to seeing all of you next Sunday! Till the whole world hears!

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