South Sudan

South Sudan Mission Update #4-8:

Pastor Joe and team baptizing in South Sudan

It’s been difficult to get on-line so I’ll have to give you all a brief update as I remember it. Overall the team is doing well, we have a great group of servants and I am blessed to serve alongside of them. Sarah and Tawni remain very much involved with assisting Vicky Bentley and were able to teach the children of Calvary Chapel Nimule this past Sunday. The guys (Mike, Leo, Dustin, Adolfo, Eric, Matt, and myself) have been doing physical training and self-defense with the cadets for about three hours per day. There has been a lot of bible teaching (5 hours per day), shared by Bill and Bud Stonebraker and myself. These guys remain hungry for the Word of God! Sunday service was great … afterward Bud Stonebraker and I had the privilege of baptizing about 60 kids in a river … very cool day!

This morning some of us went running with the cadets… it was a good run, but I had a healthy reminder that I am 42 years old. Most of us are feeling healthy and strong, but the following is the casualty list so far: Tawni (typhoid) = seems to be recovery well, Adolfo (typhoid, amoeba) = seems in good spirits, me (malaria) = very tired, but happy, Dustin = really weird dreams (I think it was something he ate). Many blessings to you all!

Till the whole world hears!

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