South Sudan Mission Update #3:

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We arrived safely in Nimule today. Our pilot was gracious and gave us a brief aerial safari as we flew in … saw elephants wading through the Nile while we flew over at about 80 feet! It was amazing! We were greeted at the airstrip by our friends (Vicky Bentley, Michael, Lino, and Chase).

After getting settled in at the compound and having lunch, we burned off some calories while we did some physical training with the cadets. It was great to see them … they have a big part of our hearts. They hadn’t trained very hard for a while, so it was difficult for them to do what we were doing, but they have such awesome hearts! Not one of them gave up … they did kept on giving their best!

That’s one of the things I love about the Christians here in South Sudan … they have hope. Half way through our training , the guys broke into a worship service … so we went with it! We worshiped with them for about 20-30 minutes. Everyone was encouraged. We worked out so hard that we decided to give them a rest tonight. Tomorrow morning they will start with their first full day of Bible teaching through Revelation, Daniel, and Lamentations. Many blessings to you all in Jesus Christ!

Till the whole world hears!

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