South Sudan Mission (Uganda) – Day 30

It’s Saturday afternoon here in Kampala, Uganda. The training of the security for FRM and CC Kampala is going very well … too bad we only have three days with these guys. All eight men speak English and they all know the Lord. One of them is a former member of the Lord’s Resistance Army (a group of people who terrorize and victimize all “soft targets” in the area), in fact, he was apparently a member of security team for Joseph Kony (terrorist is a tame description). I haven’t asked how he came to Christ, but praise God that we have a God who is able to redeem us from the blackest darkness! Had we met him before he came to Christ, the encounter would be so very different. THE LOVE OF GOD IS GREATER THAN OUR SIN! AMEN!

Chris is on the plane headed to Dubai, UAE and then on to the Los Angeles, CA and eventually back to the beautiful state of Utah safely behind the “Zion Curtain.” It was hard to see him go – he has been such an asset to the team, and a wonderful encouragement to me personally. Chris knows, loves, and believes in God … as the word says, “Those who know the Lord shall be strong and carry out great exploits” – Daniel 11:32 … As for the rest of us … the combat survival training of these local guys from 9:00am to 4:00pm is the priority while Bill and I prepare our messages for next Sunday. Tonight we will be going to an outdoor market with Brian and Jill Kanyike – Leo is excited due to the fact that his favorite past time is yardsale-ing. He will certainly be a sight if he decides to wear his authentic African outfit with his new red dyed hair-do!

Till the whole world hears!

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