South Sudan Mission – Day 21

Last night we showed the students a documentary on USMC Force Recon last night in the hopes that they would understand how we are trying to train them.

I think it was helpful for them to realize how much experience Chris has as a former member of Marine Force Recon. They already respected him – they respect him more. He and Leo teach the advanced class (12 students)

One of the guys received the wrong end of a Leo Ruiz crescent kick – I think that student will pay a little more attention during sparring.

Mike is a tough guy … all the students are little intimidated by him because he doesn’t say a whole lot and he has a beard like one of those Scottish warriors of old. In reality, he has a soft heart and is a patient instructor.

Blake has really become more vocal as an instructor – he is putting the students through the paces with his high school track workouts. Of course he does the work outs with them – the guys like that very much.

Matt has done a great job getting the students who have needed help understanding how to punch and kick up to speed. Most of his class have moved up to the class that Mike and Blake teach.

Bill has been studying a lot and trying to getting whatever is in his ear out of his ear. It hasn’t happened yet – I still think its a bug. Regardless, he is doing great teaching the book of Genesis in the morning.

As for me, I have really enjoyed watching our guys serve so faithful, teaching the Bible to the students, working out with the guys, and helping wherever I can. Every morning I’ve been working out with our team – we work out pretty casually. I’ve felt so good I started pushing it a bit. Until yesterday I was feeling really strong. Then I pushed too hard – I think I may have broken a rib – my side is swollen and discolored a little. I’d appreciate prayers.

Today I had a great opportunity to teach the women with Rabuna Fi (“God is Here”) … Vicki Bentley (Wes’ wife) leads this women’s ministry here in the compound. It was such an honor to share the word with these women!

We had a great conversation with Vicki and Corrie (an intern with FRM) last night … it was so encouraging to hear that we are likeminded to the ministry here. We want so much to be a blessing to the ministry God is doing with FRM. Please pray as tomorrow some of us will be taking part in an outreach of visitation and sharing the gospel door to door!

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