South Sudan Mission – Day 10

Finished off the day yesterday with pulling the tail of a 10 year old crocodile – I supposed that can be checked off the bucket list! We decided to sleep in again this morning (we’re all pretty wasted) and got started at 5:30am. We had a good time of prayer and the word and then went to Calvary Chapel Nimule – it was awesome! The sang loud and joyfully… they danced with passion and love for the Lord! Blake and Matt really were drawn into the moment and found themselves dancing in front of the church with about 40 youth … they kind of stood out. The rest of us definitely appreciated being led into worship that way. We realized that Mike has the same facial expressions regardless of what’s going on. I wish I could show you now as I type, but imagine Darth Vader happy. Now imagine Darth Vader tired. Darth Vader excited. Bored. Hungry. You get the picture right? Well, the worship was great and there was a great teaching from Pastor Tom Quirk from Calvary Chapel Rancho Santa Margarita.

The cow arrived at the compound this afternoon – he looks tasty, which is good, because tomorrow we are going to eat him. Sometime tomorrow he will be introduced to the sharp end of a knife and then bbq’d for the big independence day celebration. Everyone is very excited about the first birthday of the youngest country in the world. We understand that the people here really like to fire their AK-47’s into the air, so we will do our best to find suitable cover, since most people caught up in the fervor of firing a weapon into the sky fail to consider the reality of gravity. I for one, believe in gravity and respect it accordingly. Tomorrow will be an interesting day because we will only be teaching the Bible for about 4 hours and then we will be apart of the celebration late into the night. We’ll be lighting a bonfire when it gets dark – I’ve been asked to sing worship songs with our new Russian friend Natasha – kind of nervous about that since I don’t know the songs and she sings very high. I might end up lip syncing or feign sickness. We’ll pick up the pace again Tuesday morning. Many blessings in Jesus Christ!

Till the whole world hears!

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