South Sudan Mission – Day 11

Well … we ate “Chuck” today. He was a very good cow, but there was just too much meat not to eat him! We watched him get slaughtered – that was a big thing in the compound. The students sure made sure he was tied down well – not very “sporting” – but somewhat necessary since last years cow escaped and ran through the camp. Today is a very big day in South Sudan as it is the one year anniversary of the birth of this new nation! We had a great prayer time and devotion on faith this morning. Right after we finished, we got news from Wes and Vicki Bentley who just came back from the frontlines in the Nuba mountains. The Northern Army attacked the South with 30,000 troops and 10 tanks with the intent of destroying the southern stronghold in Nuba. The SPLA (Southern Sudanese Army) fought with less than 187 men. They knew they would die, but thought that they would at least hold off the northern army until the women and children could flee the city. They fought for 12 days straight. The chaplains fight and pray and God hears their prayers! They are referred to by the rest of the SPLA as the “Pure ones”. God has given these brave men great favor in their army. When the battle had ended, the SPLA had destroyed or captured all 10 of the northern army’s tanks and had routed the enemy forces. Thousands of the northern army were killed – here is the amazing thing. When they went to check the battlefield, the SPLA reported thousands of their enemy dead, but their were no bullet holes in their bodies! Who says God doesn’t still do miracles? Guys, these warrior chaplains are fighting for their country, protecting women and children, and preaching the gospel throughout this new nation! Keep lifting these brothers in Christ up in your prayers – they are remarkable men of God!

As real as this war is, I shared with the men today that the spiritual battle is where our most dangerous enemy operates. They listened carefully as we spoke about spiritually warfare and the weapons God has given us for the fight. They were enthusiastic in their interaction and ended our time with a chant that has become our way of ending our sessions…. “FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT… FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT… FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT”. Then Matt and Blake get them even more excited as they yell like football coaches… “What tribe are you?!?!?!” and they all respond quickly and loudly, “The Lion of Judah!” This type of unity is only possible in Jesus Christ, since in the natural they are of several different tribes that are natural enemies. Only God can reconcile … only God can win the victory … only God can give us peace. Till the whole world hears!

… And yes, “Chuck” tasted good.

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