South Sudan Mission – Day 7

Today was a very productive day. Our schedule is getting more established and I am pleased with the amount of ministry that takes place every day. We start at 4:00am and end at about 10:00pm. We teach the bible four hours a day and then combat survival training about three hours in the day and about 1.5 hours at night. Today was fantastic… we are building more relationship with the guys, learning a little Arabic (very little), and seeing good response and discussions about the word. I think that all of the guys have now made decisions for Christ (many of them already knew the Lord when they first came). They sing lively, are memorizing scripture, learning the Bible, and enjoying combat training. We have an opportunity to come alongside of a ministry that is helping to shape a whole countries world view! It is amazing! The team is doing great… the bible teaching is going great, the combat training is progressing well, and we feel very like-minded with Far Reaching Ministries. We are trying to push these guys as hard as we can… they’re training is a life or death issue. Many of them will be deployed on the front lines so it’s not hard to enter in to the serious of what we are here to do. Having said that… we’re still having fun. Matt’s hair looks worse today then yesterday (I didn’t even it shave it well), he wore shorts that were positively too short, but then totally redeemed himself as he led staff devotion (CMV & FRM)… Bill started teaching Genesis this morning and did a great job… Mike and Leo are the compound heroes for getting the ceiling fans up… Blake is a total servant – i think he was raised very very well. Tom and Wendy, you’re son is a good man! Chris has boundless energy and is a great encouragement to get us working out as well as having great insights in our devotions. As for me… I haven’t had any physical difficulties the entire trip, but I was told this morning that I should be in the snorers room – apparently I snore. My roommates talked of stoning me. Many blessings to you all… Till the whole world hears!

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