June 5, 2011

“Who the Son sets free is free indeed!” John 8:36

As children of God, we are free men, but why, so often, do we choose to live as captives of the enemy? Though this captivity can only be an illusion, since a free man cannot also be a captive, it is fear the keeps us accepting it. Fear, in the same way, becomes a choice. Why do angels not fear the enemy? Because they understand the power of the Lord! It is due to our lack of knowing Him that we succumb to fear and captivity. We need to accept our birthright as children of the King and walk in the fullness of the power that He has given us. The enemy has no real power over us, but by the Holy Spirit, we have a very real power over him. Live as free men and walk in peace unimaginable!

-Janelle Funicello

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